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Welcome to TagPro Map Designer v2.0

It's been well over a year since I last supported this MapMaker. But with more than 1,203 users having created more than 2,992 maps, I thought it was time to open it back up to the general public. I realize there are competing and even much better map programs available at this point. But for anyone looking to get involved with a fun project, I'd love your help!

The GitHub project can be found here under TagProMapMaker.

Getting an Account

Map Designer uses the Google Authorization for account creation and management.

To create an account or to login to your existing account, click on the Google image below.

Help us Out!

All programming and hosting is done entirely for the benefit of the TagPro community. If you have the ability to help support us, we'd greatly appreciate it!

Using the Map Designer

The Map Designer is pretty basic and intuitive. Create a new map, click on a brush, and click on a cell to draw it. Use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate more quickly. When you're done, click on the 'Save Map Now' link. Note that the program auto-saves your map with every 10 changes you make; at most you'll only lose ten data points if you forget to save.

Map Designer Help

Testing Your Map

Once our auto-generator is finished, we will have a link to let you test maps without needing to do anything special. For the time being, you can download your PNG and JSON files from within the map editor. Once you download both files, visit and upload them.